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General Care Services

Home Care Services For Any Situation

Premier Homecare Services Waterloo Region offers a multitude of care options. Below is a quick summary of the different home care services we can provide for you or a loved one.

Caregiver Relief

Caregivers work hard to ensure their patients get the help they need. Being overworked can have a negative effect on both the caregiver and patient. We offer Respite Care, to provide relief and give caregivers a break when they need it. Release the stress and take the time off you need.

Click here to take the caregiver stress test. A break might be in order. If you need a break from caregiving, do not hesitate to call us at 519-884-1181. We can help out until you’re rested and ready to return.

New Mothers & Single Parent

Adjusting to motherhood or being a single parent can be overwhelming. Premier Homecare Services Waterloo Region can help you balance life while raising a child.

We can help with errands, household tasks and even transportation. Give us a call at 519-884-1181 for more information.

Post-op Care & Injury Care

There is a lot of recovery time after having surgery or getting an injury. With the proper care, you can get an extra hand around the house and focus on getting better. Our caregivers are more than willing to help with medication reminders, meal preparation, and much more.

If you’ve recently come out of surgery or had an injury, do not hesitate to call us at 519-884-1181. Be sure to fill out our in-home assessment form to find out what services are right for your recovery.

Light Housekeeping

Light housekeeping can sometimes become difficult with age or illness. Our caregivers can take care of the dusting and vacuuming and even organize the cupboards and closets in a way that makes things easily accessible to you. We can handle the laundry so that you’ve got plenty of clean clothes to wear and sheets for your bed. Even the littlest of tasks can make a big difference in your quality of life.

For help around the house, give us a call at 519-884-1181. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Meal Preparation

One key factor to staying healthy, no matter your age, is to have good eating habits and the right nutrition. For seniors, it can be difficult to maintain those habits appetite and sense of taste and smell begin to diminish. Poor nourishment can make chronic diseases worse and lower your body’s resistance to infection.

Caregivers can help you in the kitchen, prepare meals for your day or even make a weekly menu. We can also make your grocery list and go to the store to pick it up. We’re more than happy to keep you company while you eat and help clean up afterwards.

Having an extra set of hands in the kitchen can be a great help to some. Give us a call at 519-884-1181 today for more information.

Errands & Transportation

If you require help getting around town, our caregivers are more than willing to take you. We can accompany you to the hairdresser, the church, the bank, or the grocery store. Caregivers can bring you to meet your friends for coffee or lunch. You can even stay at home while we run the errands for you. It’s up to you.

We’re more than happy to help run errands and get you from point A to B. Call us at 519-884-1181 for more information.

Personal Care

Personal care services encompass many activities. We can help with: grooming, hair care, shaving, oral hygiene, bathing, dressing and undressing, transferring, range of motion exercises, walking, feeding, and monitoring vital signs.

If you or a loved one are in need of extra help, please call us at 519-884-1181 and fill out our free in-home assessment form to get the services you need.

For a little more help throughout the day, our Assisted Living or Live-In Care & 24-Hour Home Care services can be of assistance.


Our caregivers will make the effort to find out what activities you enjoy to make spending time together fun. We know that eyesight deteriorates as people get older, a caregiver can read the daily newspaper or a good book to you while you sit an relax. Perhaps you like playing cards or having friends over for tea, we can make it happen.

Many people can benefit from a more long-term care solution. Check out our Assisted Living or Live-In Care & 24-Hour Home Care options. If you have any questions about the companionships services we provide, do not hesitate to call us at 519-884-1181.

Medication Reminders

Because most adults take more than one medication, it can be difficult for them to remember the schedules of each one. Taking medication at the wrong time or completely forgetting can lead to health problems. That’s why Premier Homecare Services Waterloo Region can arrange for caregivers to organize your medication schedule and provide you with reminders. Call us at 519-884-1181 for more information.

Looking for care on a lower budget? You and a friend can save money through our Share The Care service. Follow the link for more details.

Finding care options that are specific to your needs and within your budget can be difficult. Premier Homecare Services Waterloo Region will work with you to figure out what works best. Fill out the free in-home assessment form or call us at 519-884-1181 to get started.


On behalf of my parents and family, thank you very much for the excellent and caring home care that Premier Homecare Services has provided for the last several years. Your staff's diligence, courteousness and dependability has enhanced the quality of life and facilitated my parent's desire to remain independent. Your sensitivity, approachability and professionalism are assets to your community and I would readily recommend your service to our friends.

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Thank you for the care and consideration you took arranging for a companion for Oma during our son's wedding. From our initial interview, we were confident in your ability to meet our needs and Oma's need for this special day. You assured us that you were attuned to the needs and challenges of the elderly. Your visits with Oma gave her the confidence in the plans we had made. Bonnie was pleasant company for us all during that special day and respectfully attentive to Oma's needs.

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I wanted to extend a thank you for your hard work last week in scheduling the on-camera interview with me for Spoke TV. I had a wonderful time getting know you, Lisa and Michelle, and I thank you for your heartfelt and sincere input to the work I am currently doing. In the coming days our episode will air on, where you can see the piece. ...

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I wanted to take a moment to follow up with you regarding my clients who I referred you to on June 28th.

Mom was in respite care and wanted to return home so in speaking with them, I recommended Premier Homecare Services as an option to provide the additional support she would need. The family met with you and after a wonderful meeting, services began on July 10th.

I just followed up with this family and they couldn’t be happier....

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